Monday, August 18, 2008

Well I'm surviving the young chix here just fine. They're actually very good company. Need to unass the house tomorrow and actually do something. Seems a trip down to the cigar store in Phoenix is in order as well as a stop by the post office. I'll need to stop by the grocery place as I like to eat and am also out of beer and scotch. I guess I can call on the Wild Turkey for tonight but it gets to wild more than one night in a row.

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Shadowscapestudio said...

Cigars and scotch are the main sources of life. Best hurry.
Glad you three are getting along well and things are going to work out.
Wild Turkey is good, like you say for one evening, but it tends to tear you up if drank for several days in a row.
Be nice if they would ever send you up my direction with that rig of yours. But there is not much up here for you to haul. Maybe empty beer bottles....?