Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tomorrow I have to deliver to a cave in MO. I'll keep this shot in mind just to keep it off of that whole mountain being on top of me. I've been to caves twice before and hate the damned things.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Getting Lazy

I've been home for just over a week now. The more I'm off the less I want to go back to work.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Boring Trip

Boring trip the last 47 days. Was supposed to home last Friday. I'm not far from home so maybe they'll point me that way tomorrow.

I did find this just behind the party row at a truck stop in Missouri.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Life is different for youngsters these days. My shipping clerk in Romeoville, IL the other day has never been to a ball game, Hockey game, a museum of any sort or a concert. She's never seen downtown Chicago or Lake Michigan. Just sits on the couch and plays video games and sometimes hangs out with friends.

I did all those things more than once. Well except for the concert thing. One was enough. If I remember right it cost $2.50 to see Hendrix.

The world can now end since I'll be off of it soon and the young have no interest in it.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Salt River Canyon in a Big Truck

This trip started off nice with a ride through the canyon but stopped being that way quickly. Nothing since then but miles and miles of miles and miles. One large concrete canyon (NYC) is always promising but there's no place to stop for fun.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Going home.

Finally got the ride home. I should be there tomorrow. :)

A cold beer will taste really really good.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No Freight

Or at least none going my way. All I need is one lousy load leaving southern Commiefornia and I can go home for a few days.

Maybe tomorrow. :(

Monday, June 15, 2009

Moving towards home.

They've run me completely out of hours I'm allowed to legally drive so I have to wait for tomorrow to start the trip to the house. Just a little hop but if I look close at the map I can see Arizona from where I'm heading.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Well I'm not sitting for a change. However, instead of going home I'm on my way to Sacramento. One small good point is it helps to fill my wallet. Unlike David I always carry mine.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time to go home. This truck gets mighty small after 4 weeks or so. I've three deliveries to make in my most disliked city in America in the morning so all day tomorrow is shot.

Besides I could use a beer and I never drink out here. Sixty mph with 20 tons behind you in the wagon and beer just don't mix in my mind.

Roosevelt damn in Arizona.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

Back to work

I start the paperwork part tomorrow morning and should be driving by the weekend if all goes well. The old company has a hiring freeze for solo drivers here in Arizona so it's with a new company but driving a truck is driving a truck.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Speaking Truth

1. In my many years I have come to a conclusion: that one
useless man is a shame, two is a law firm and three or more is a congress. ~
John Adams

2. If you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do
read the newspaper you are misinformed. ~ Mark Twain

3. Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of
Congress. But then I repeat myself. ~ Mark Twain

4. I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a
man standing in a bucket & trying to lift himself up by the handle. ~
*Winston Churchill*

5. A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend
on the support of Paul. ~ George Bernard Shaw

6. A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow
man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money. ~ G. Gordon Liddy

7. Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep
voting on what to have for dinner. ~ James Bovard, Civil Libertarian (1994)

8. Foreign aid might be defined as a transfer of money from poor
people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries. ~ Douglas Casey

9. Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey
and car keys to teenage boys. ~ P.J. O'Rourke, Civil Libertarian

10. Government is the great fiction, through which everybody
endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else. ~ Frederic Bastiat,
French Economist (1801-1850)

11. Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few
short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving,regulate it. And if it
stops moving, subsidize it. ~ Ronald Reagan (1986)

12. I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report
the facts. ~ Will Rogers

13. If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you
see what it costs when it's free! ~ P.J. O'Rourke

14. In general, the art of government consists of taking as much
money as possible from one party of the citizens to give to the other. ~
Voltaire (1764)

15. Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't
mean politics won't take an interest in you! ~ Pericles (430 B.C.)

16. No man's life, liberty, or property is safe while the
Legislature is in session. ~ Mark Twain (1866 )

17. Talk is cheap...except when Congress does it. ~ Anonymous

18. The government is like a baby's alimentary canal, with a
happy appetite at one end and no responsibility at the other. ~ Ronald Reagan

19. The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of the
blessings. The inherent blessing of socialism is the equal sharing of misery. ~
Winston Churchill

20. The only difference between a tax man and a taxidermist is
that the taxidermist leaves the skin. ~ Mark Twain

21. The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is
to fill the world with fools. ~ Herbert Spencer, English Philosopher

22. There is no distinctly Native American criminal class ...
Save Congress. ~ Mark Twain

23. What this country needs are more unemployed politicians. ~
Edward Langley, Artist (1928 - 1995)

24. A government big enough to give you everything you want, is
strong enough to take everything you have. ~ Thomas Jefferson

25. Liberalism is a mental disorder, NOT a difference of opinion.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I hate sloppy drunks. If you can't hold your liquor then don't drink the stuff. Stick with coffee or milk.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Wonderfully clear thinking to wake up to.

Dear American liberals, leftists, social progressives, socialists,
Marxists, Obama supporters, et al:
We have stuck together since the late 1950's, but the whole of this
latest election process has made me realize that I want a divorce. I
know we tolerated each other for many years for the sake of future
generations, but sadly, this relationship has run its course. Our two
ideological sides of America cannot and will not ever agree on what is
right, so let's just end it on friendly terms. We can smile, slate it up to irreconcilable differences, and go our own ways. Here is a model dissolution agreement:

Our two groups can equitably divide up the country by landmass each
taking a portion. That will be the difficult part, but I am sure our
two sides can come to a friendly agreement. After that it should be
relatively easy! Our respective representatives can effortlessly
divide other assets since both sides have such distinct and disparate
tastes. We don't like redistributive taxes so you can keep them. You
are welcome to the liberal judges and the ACLU. Since you hate guns and war, we'll take our firearms, the cops, the NRA, and the military. You can keep Oprah, Michael Moore, and Rosie O'Donnell (you are however, responsible for finding a bio-diesel vehicle big enough to move them).
We'll keep the capitalism, greedy corporations, pharmaceutical
companies, Wal-Mart, and Wall Street.

You can have your beloved homeless, homeboys, hippies, and illegal aliens. We'll keep the hot Alaskan Hockey Moms, greedy CEO's, and Rednecks. We'll keep the Bibles and give you NBC and Hollywood . You can make nice with Iran, Palestine, and France, and we'll retain the right to invade and hammer places that threaten us. You can have the peaceniks and war protesters. When our allies or way of life are under assault, we'll provide them job security.

We'll keep our Judeo-Christian Values. You are welcome to Islam,
Scientology, Humanism, and Shirley McClaine. You can have the U.N. But
we will no longer be paying the bill. We'll keep the SUV's, pickup
trucks, and oversized luxury cars. You can take every Subaru Station
Wagon you can find.

You can give everyone healthcare, if you can find any practicing
Doctors (that is practicing, Howard Dean) who will follow to your turf
(sic). We'll continue to believe healthcare is a luxury and not aright.

We'll keep The Battle Hymn of the Republic and The National Anthem.
I'm sure you'll be happy to substitute Imagine, I'd Like to Teach
The World To Sing, Kum Ba Ya, or We Are the World.

We'll practice trickle down economics, and you can give trickle up
poverty its best shot. Since it often so offends you we'll keep our History, our Name, andvour Flag. Would you agree to this?

In the spirit of friendly parting, I'll bet you ANWAR on who will need
whose help in 15 years.


John J. Wall
Law Student

P.S. Please take Barbra Streisand.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Well tomorrow afternoon begins my going back to work phase. I have a physical at 1500 then some paperwork to do and soon back in the truck.

I've been off work now for a year or so. I guess the routine of actually having something to do will be good for me. Lately I haven't felt like even picking up a camera because everything around here always looks the same.

I watched the super duper bowl. I was surprised by the closeness of the game but not with who eventually won. Some of the commercials were OK. I enjoyed all the Budwieser ones but never drink the stuff because it doesn't taste like beer.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Living in God's country.

It sure is rough having to live in the desert this time of year. It's right around 75 degrees with some clouds floating around. Nice gentle breeze. I just came in from having a cigar and was perfectly comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt.

I have a new neighbor behind me now. We just turned it into a truck driver neighborhood. He drives and so does his son-in-law. The last person in that house just let it go back to the bank and the new one got it for a song. He paid roughly a third of what the bank had in it. Good time to buy houses here if you can sit on them for a couple of years.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Post election rant.

Another nameless blogger seemed all excited about two things this morning. Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. It seems this fellow is a liberal and we all know they run their politics on what "feels good". Emotions rather than logic dictate how they vote and what they think is the "correct" stand on any political point.

From what I could find on the net, Limbaugh made some comment about wanting BO to fail. I too want a lot of his policies to fail. I don't want this country to slide down into socialism like Europe has done.

We have the largest economy in the world and it didn't get that way by having it run by the government. It got that way by government staying out of the way.

Now I've heard BO say he wants to tax the rich. Aren't these the people who grow the economy? Don't they make the jobs we working people need? Taxing something is a good way to have less of it. Want less wine just tax the people who make it. Tax all the little vices in life and get rid of them. If you did that I suspect the suicide rate would go up with the side benefit of controlling population growth.

I don't really want our economy, health care or whatever run by the same people who run the post office. It took five days by pony express to get from Missouri to California. Now it takes a week to get across town.

As for Fox News, they've gone so far liberal I quit watching them.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change for better or worse

Time to take down my target. I'll steal a line from Glen Beck and say he's my president (or will be shortly) and I'll support him when I can and oppose him when I must.

I managed to survive the Carter years so I guess I'll survive these too.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I hope it never becomes true but it is a fun target. I don't have darts but a pellet gun seems to work just fine.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Some people need a plexiglass window in their stomach.

I hear bad things about the deficit spending going on with our government and more to come. The average cost of the new President's jobs is going to be over $300K per. Just give me the money and I'll take care of myself.

It's not the governments job to bail out me or anyone else. They will raise taxes on all kinds of businesses even though a business doesn't pay taxes. They just pass the cost on to us. Want less of something just tax it. Just what makes sense of raising taxes on GM and then give them money? People who think that was a good idea need a cranial/rectal inversion.