Thursday, January 22, 2009

Post election rant.

Another nameless blogger seemed all excited about two things this morning. Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. It seems this fellow is a liberal and we all know they run their politics on what "feels good". Emotions rather than logic dictate how they vote and what they think is the "correct" stand on any political point.

From what I could find on the net, Limbaugh made some comment about wanting BO to fail. I too want a lot of his policies to fail. I don't want this country to slide down into socialism like Europe has done.

We have the largest economy in the world and it didn't get that way by having it run by the government. It got that way by government staying out of the way.

Now I've heard BO say he wants to tax the rich. Aren't these the people who grow the economy? Don't they make the jobs we working people need? Taxing something is a good way to have less of it. Want less wine just tax the people who make it. Tax all the little vices in life and get rid of them. If you did that I suspect the suicide rate would go up with the side benefit of controlling population growth.

I don't really want our economy, health care or whatever run by the same people who run the post office. It took five days by pony express to get from Missouri to California. Now it takes a week to get across town.

As for Fox News, they've gone so far liberal I quit watching them.


TyMax said...

I find it ironic how so many complain about people like Rush and other talk radio people. They never seem to have a issue with what liberal people say. Many seem one way people, bipartisan means I have to agree with you. They will listen to what others say, but in the end want what they wanted without much change. So it goes.

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