Friday, August 22, 2008

Being now kicked off Sig I posted this on the slime blog someone started here. Obviously they are all Sheena sniffers and have yet to grow a set big enough to break away from her. They do however require the blog owner to "approve" the comment so I don't think they will. They may surprise me just to slap me around a bit but I've been slapped before and they just don't get it.

Photosig is a good site to be gone from. At least those of us who are gone are honest and not so afraid that we hide behind silly names, blank profiles and anonymous.

Look at my blog here and I don't hide. I also don't need to approve comments as I'm adult enough to accept all of them.

What you folks haven't figured out yet is that PhotoSig is a web site. It is a diversion. It is not unique, does not change the world nor does it mean anything important at all.

Since you need to approve this comment let's see if you can handle it. The three I posted to Sig were immediately deleted because someone there can't handle criticism or the truth.

I posted this on another blog but since they are the rabid hate filled don't have a life types and like you require "permission" to post it let's see if it get there.


TyMax said...

Well I guess they are gutless as you thought they would be. A bunch of whiny fowl mouthed losers. Using anonymous for names or blog names with few days on them and no profiles.

If these are friends of Sheena I would have to question her judgment of who she chooses to associate with either in real life or on the net.

Do you think they will ever tell anyone who they really are? Or could they be maybe just a couple people trying to look like this great multitude of pathetic people.

Unknown said...

Blogs, websites, etc are only as important as the people using them like to pretend them to be. It's like creating an invisible friend and an invisible kingdom if you were a small child. It's really only relevant to those who wish to keep pretending it matters. Once someone grows up enough to say it's not really a castle but a bush with a hole in the middle... well, then the pretending isn't so great anymore and cracks start to appear and people move on. Most things on the internet operate on the same principle. Even though the people are real who are posting etc.... everything else is really a make believe world. Would people behave in public with their children, partners, bosses the way they like to behave anonymously on line? Probably not, or the jails would end up being quite full. And the ones who do behave the same in public and online... well those people have a little substance and end up posting blogs on their own, without permission from people who have created a make believe world.

TyMax said...

Rose speaks wisely, she must be a person with large picture thinking.