Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not very sharp.

Someone must run around and tell everyone you are dead. All of my wife's debit and credit cards no longer work and this is a pretty good thing.

However, all of the bills that used to be taken care of automatically by using that debit card are now coming back saying the card was rejected. Why is my credit union smart enough to figure out Alison is no longer with me but not smart enough to just pay the damned bill out of the account and use my debit card.

The same problem happened with my satellite TV today. It took me a half hour to get it straight on the phone with some lady who sounded like she was from L.A. (lower Alabama). When we finally got done and got the bill paid and set up for auto pay it wasn't ten minutes before the little message popped up on the screen and told me to pay my bill.

I don't think you can hire good help any more. I guess I'll have to waste my time and gas to show up personally at all these places so I can do their job for them. The one place I did show up suddenly had no problems fixing everything while I was standing there but couldn't do the same over the phone.

Rant over.


Anonymous said...

Don't you wish life came with a operator's manual (not for you but for everyone else)?

I wish you luck dealing with the red tape that is utilities and direct pay.

Unknown said...

Companies very frequently hire friendly over intelligent and complacent over competent.
My experience has been that ALL companies prefer hiring people who just go along with things, never make waves, never question policy, and never step out of line. You get someone who actually shows up to their place of employment to work, who goes out of their way to help people and figure out why that's so hard to do anyway... and those people get fired.
The blue collar world is run very much like your photosig site... which is amusing if you are retired, and frightening if you are job hunting.

Shadowscapestudio said...

I have never entered the world of auto pay so I can't sympathize very well. However, I do know about those cactus and can relate in that area.

TyMax said...

At least it sounded like they spoke mostly clear English. So many times you end up talking to some half way around the world. There are a lot of jobs out there, but they require a four letter word w...

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.