Monday, August 25, 2008

Insecure and just a bit of "power".

Why am I not surprised at all to find my photosig account now totally deleted. On that site you cannot even simply agree with "some" of the words written on SheenaSig. They didn't even have enough common courtesy to say they were going to delete the account.

If this tiny bit of power has them acting this way I would really hate to run into the person with absolute power. It really reminds me of the punks of my youth. They would mess up your car or damage your motorcycle all while you weren't looking because they didn't have the balls to face you. Same as the guy who once sent five guys to jump me as I came out of a building downtown because he thought I had danced with his girlfriend. What a bunch of jerks. I'm glad to be done with them.

Anyone thinking of joining that site with the idea of learning something had better think twice about it. It's a forced critique site and all you gain is carpal tunnel syndrome from mindlessly typing away. Tell someone their attempts at a photo are really poor and they need some real help and all they'll do is delete their photo and re-post it later and hope to get some pretty green thumbs.

Simply telling someone their photo sucks and then telling them how to go about doing better next time will earn a quick suspension. Don't ever stir the pot. Just be a good little sheep. Just follow all their advice and you'll be a mindless zombie of a person and on the low side of mediocre as a photographer.


Shadowscapestudio said...

I know scotch when I hear it.

TyMax said...

It does not surprise me, seems a pattern is returning. Oh well as mentioned before you are now a true photographer. Sad they deleted it without even sending you a email.

That is just not right, but then it is a private site. Just trying to figure out the rules is the tough part. I still do not see in any of the print screens Ed sent me where you violated any TOS, not based on a posting in a open forum.

But then you saw the forum was locked and other comments were allowed afterwards. They of course supported Sheena and all comments other than that were deleted. Just like Swanny mentioned when he posted as you did to the smear blog. Neither comment was posted and they have got 100% support. It is like the twilight zone when you think about it.

Shadowscapestudio said...

Nothing to due with this, but why would anyone vote for a republican in this election?
I know you have been pro war with these stupid battles we are fighting over oil. And you are pro SAVE AMERICA from the communists.But why would anyone vote for McCain in this election?
The guy is an idiot, just like Bush.
The same shit will happen with him as with The Moron.
The world will hate us that much more.
Isn't it time to change the way we do things? Time to settle down and live within our own means?
Forget OIL. Forget China goods. Forget who is shooting at who in the rest of the world. Spend our money on us rather than on others that don't give a damn about us.
I'm into the beer. But I am not out of touch with reality.

Shadowscapestudio said...

Just to ad some flavor to the Sig thing, which is getting o l d .

TyMax said...

I think David needs to ask himself why he would vote for a Democrat. All the same ilk .. Joe Biden, please tell me that is "Change" all pure bull crap.

I want none of the above as a selection and then it starts all over again. Oh, just keep it simple, I hate Bush!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary. Come join us on Flickr please.

Unknown said...

It really isn't insecure and just a bit of power. It's more like insecure and no power and scared. People with balls have no need to threaten internet people on websites with anything. People with balls simply tell you to your face what they think. Another word for balls might be integrity. Your friend Sheena seems to lack integrity quite a bit. It would also seem that she lacks any power at all and that makes her scared. And being scared she needs to threaten.... puff herself up so in turn you are scared and back down... lending her power she really doesn't have. FOr me, and the little I know, I feel sorry for Sheena. It must be a terrible way to live your days. Of course... I also enjoy the karma police and hope to hear the end of her tale.
(on a side note, I am also not a Bush fan.... lesbians love bush, but not with dick)