Monday, September 15, 2008

UPS customer service works!

After a long chat with CS at UPS the other day we thought we had a solution to the problem of the post office here just sending stuff back because they don't deliver to our house. Half of my order was delayed a few days in shipping and that was enough time for UPS to implement their new local policy and today the brown truck pulled up and handed me the rest of my stuff. A very pleasant change in these days of customer non-service.


Shadowscapestudio said...

I hope they delivered some 21 year old scotch and a few cigars.
The rest is incidental.

Here, the UPS person stops off for a beer and a chat. You can send me something in care of Dave Swanson, Marcell, Mn. and the UPS driver will bring it to my house. If I am not home she will bring it inside and set it on my kitchen counter; pet the dog; get the dog a pig ear from under the sink and leave a note that she was sorry that she missed us.

TyMax said...
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TyMax said...

We have electric now, but even before we have a nice UPS driver that leaves stuff on the porch. So does our mail person when it will not fit in the mail box.

She knows our mail box is the local kids favorite one for batting practice. I stopped buying new ones, just leave a stone for weight from the wind, in the old plastic one. They hit it and I pick it up the next morning or the follow day when I return home.