Wednesday, September 10, 2008

UPS and other stuff

I had a partial order from Amazon (actually Target out of Eagan, MN) so called "delivered" today. The problem is the post office (pony express worked better and faster) does not deliver here but UPS has a contract with the post office to accept certain packages then deliver them. The UPS driver dropped it at the post office like he was supposed to but our post office immediately rejected it and returned it to shipper because it had only a street address on it. This catch 22 got me and it will need to go back to MN then back to here again.

I called customer service at UPS and was very pleased with their response. I knew the girl who answered couldn't help me but the supervisor certainly did. I told the supervisor what the deal was here and now let's find a way to fix the problem. We tossed a few things back and forth then hung up. I drove three blocks to Milo's (David knows where and what that is) and had a call waiting for me with a good sounding fix to the catch 22 shipping.

I thought real customer service to be a thing of the past but am pleasantly surprised at the level of service by UPS. I have another shipment on the way. As Reagan said "Trust but Verify". I sure hope this works.


Shadowscapestudio said...

The girl is beautiful.
But who is that old fart in the picture?
Crop him out!!!!!

TyMax said...

Leave the old guy there, makes her look even more lovely. If that is possible. I will have to look through his and see if this one is posted.