Tuesday, November 25, 2008

American Dream

Here's someone starting the American dream. Of course if you listen to the news outlets the dream is long dead but I don't believe it.

So called conservative friends of mine already hate the thought of the next president but they're still better than most liberals. I may be wrong but it seems most liberals actually hate the "man" rather than disagree with his policies.

This just doesn't make sense to me. I disagreed with just about any policy coming from Bill Clinton but still would have him over to the house for a drink and a cigar. I'd supply the cigar though.

Liberals on the other hand wouldn't have "W" within a mile of them. The biggest reason seems to still be the little war in Iraq. They seem to be unable to understand that every American man and woman over there is there because they want to be. All servicemen have either re-enlisted or enlisted while the war was being prosecuted so they all must want to be there.


Unknown said...




I don't like "W" for a multitude of reasons... one being the war in Iraq... and yes, while no one was drafted into the service, people are being forced to stay, to serve longer terms, and to re-enlist. Don't take my word for it... do a little research... I provided some links for you, but they're easy enough to find.
So yeah, I don't like Bush... and the war is one. And yeah, I was enlisted and would have happily served my country and did. I took an oath to protect my country from all enemies foreign and domestic... but I am not sure what enemy from Iraq attacked our country... and from what I can tell, "W" has turned the US into the largest terrorist country in the world.
And, considering we're fighting terrorists now.... didn't the ones that attacked the US, live in the US for some period of time?? I think they did... and yet we went to a country that wasn't fighting with us and started a war there while leaving our own borders unprotected... makes no sense to me.
He might be a nice guy... some murderers are... but I wouldn't invite him over. Not because of policies... but because I see him as a terrorist, an egotistical bastard, and as a murderer of US citizens. Were I following the oath I took in the Army... I wouldn't be too sure I was fighting the correct enemy in fighting Iraq.

TyMax said...

Rose reads to many odd miss informed blogs and websites that have distorted her thinking on why we fight.

Why is it people keep forgetting the invasion of Kuwait as well as the invasion of Iran by the armies of Iraq.

Why do people keep forgetting slick Willy called for Saddam to be removed and all the U.N. sanctions because he was not following the rules of his peace treaty? Or the fact the whole U.N. thought he possessed weapons of mass deconstruction? All the time they were taking his oil for food money as one huge pay off.

I am not so sure the Russians did not help him bury or move the weapons before the group of willing nations invaded to remove the guy. It did stop him from giving money to kids to blow themselves up in Jewish market places.