Friday, October 17, 2008

A rant I can agree with.

Here's a nice little rant. If anyone wants to "spread the wealth" around there's plenty of folks to blame our current economic woes on.

I can't believe Obama actually told Joe the plumber he would take away his hard earned money and give it to someone else. Anyone who believes redistribution of the wealth to be a good thing obviously missed some much needed trips out behind the wood shed as a kid.

Let's just try this again and see if we survive the next four years. Looks like it will be worse than the Carter years. Let's go for double digit unemployment to go with the double digit inflation again as we just print more money to pay for government to bail us out of everything.

What ever happened to personal responsibility?

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Shadowscapestudio said...

First, let's stop the Government from printing more money. That would ease much of the problems we are in today. Their constant over printing of money just because they need more has created much woe.
Time to take away the checkbook and let things settle out to where they may be.